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Fendt 936 toy - BRUDER

Fendt 936 toy - BRUDER

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🚜 Explore the World of Agriculture with the Fendt 936 Bruder - Realistic Details and Engaging Actions in 1:16 Scale! 🌾

Bring agricultural power directly into the hands of your small farmers with the 1:16 scale Fendt 936 Bruder. This toy model offers an extraordinarily realistic play experience, with accurate details and engaging actions.

🌾 Faithful and Realistic Details:
The Fendt 936 Bruder is a perfect replica of the famous agricultural tractor, with careful details that capture the essence of the original machine. Authenticity is guaranteed, offering children an engaging and educational gaming experience.

🚜 1:16 Scale for Precise Experience:
Immerse yourself in a miniature agricultural world with the Fendt 936 Bruder. The 1:16 scale guarantees incredible precision, allowing your children to explore every corner of this little wonder in detail.

🚛 Engine Bonnet and Opening Doors:
The Fendt 936 Bruder offers a real "maintenance" experience. Kids can open the engine hood and doors to explore the tractor's detailed interior, adding a touch of realism to the adventure.

🚗 Steering Axle for Greater Control:
Our tractor is equipped with a steering axle, allowing young drivers to control direction precisely. Experience field realism as you maneuver through imaginary fields and perform immersive farming activities.

🔗 Height Adjustable Rear Hook:
The height-adjustable rear hook adds versatility to the game. Kids can attach and detach farm equipment in a realistic way, opening up a wide range of play scenarios.

🌈 Vibrant Colors and Durable Materials:
With eye-catching colors and high-quality materials, the Fendt 936 Bruder is ready to take on all imaginary agricultural challenges. The sturdiness and build quality guarantee a long period of play and fun.

🎁 Give the gift of agricultural enthusiasm - Buy the Fendt 936 Bruder 1:16 now! 🚜

Width: 175mm

Height: 200mm

Length: 345mm

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