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Gardena PrecisionCut hedge shears

Gardena PrecisionCut hedge shears

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Shape your shrubs.

If you have a particular shape in mind for your hedge, shrub or boxwood, GARDENA PrecisionCut Shears will help you achieve it. You can count on their reliability, as demonstrated by the 25-year manufacturer's warranty. They have straight and very sharp blades, effective with every cut. Plus, the sturdy steel blades are non-stick coated so no scraps stick. Friction is also reduced, resulting in improved cutting performance. This allows you to fully concentrate on your work. Using the Z-shape shears, you can easily shape the shrubs into a spherical or spiral shape.
But that's not all, as the job is made much easier by other practical factors. The shears fit perfectly in your hands with ErgoTec handles. Furthermore, the tool is extremely light, as the handles are made of fibre-reinforced plastic, but always offer a firm and secure hold. The reduced weight will prove to be very useful, especially for longer work. Combined with the excellent cushioning, you will never get tired, as your wrists and arms are never subjected to undue stress.
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