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Agrinova Zoe garden shredder

Agrinova Zoe garden shredder

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Zoe with belt is ideal for those who need to shred branches up to 5.5 cm in diameter.
6.5 hp Honda engine. The cutting system of these agricultural machinery is very effective and ideal for shredding hedge, orchard and vegetable garden prunings.
The Zoe 50 branch crusher was designed for domestic use, but the structure and construction idea is the same used for professional machines.

The wheels are large and made of solid rubber, the handle on the hopper facilitates movement and is built strictly following safety regulations.
The dimensions of this wood shredder are small and can be easily transported even in the trunk of small cars, making it ideal as a garden shredder. Zoe has no plastic parts that could break, as happens with many home models.

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