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STIHL Light 04 bars

STIHL Light 04 bars

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Light 04 it is the first STIHL bar model with a new name and a innovative design.

The new Light 04 features a particular shape: The improved balance involves less effort in using the chainsaw, since the slim profile reduces weight by 200 g compared to existing bars .

Therefore the chainsaw is more agile and easier to maneuver during cutting.

Even the new design is not an end in itself: on the bar you can directly read the information relating to its properties and characteristics.

This way you will always find the correct bar and chain combination for your STIHL chainsaw.

But Light 04 is just the beginning: in the future you will have other bars with new names and designs available.

Models: MS 024, MS 026, MS 240, MS 260, MS 271, MS 261

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