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Forestal pruner 20 V

Forestal pruner 20 V

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The FOR 20V mini chainsaw is a product that revolutionizes the concept of pruning, thanks to its remarkable cutting capacity it simplifies and makes operations extremely fast
and with minimal effort on the user's part.
It has a safety switch and an ergonomic handle , essential features to allow safe work.
Mount 1/4" chain with thickness 1.1 mm - 30 links , with protective cover and 4" bar .
Thanks to the appropriate display you can view the battery charge in real time, to always have pruning operations under control.
It is equipped with a 2.0Ah 20V lithium cordless battery rechargeable and quick-connect.
It is also supplied with a battery charger, maintenance kit, bar cover and a convenient case where you can neatly store all the elements, for simple and safe transport.

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